»LOOKOUT ON THE WORLD WITHIN« represents an edition of 80 silk shirts, each unique in pattern and print. The print on the front and reverse side shows an aeroplane window looking out into the sky and down onto our planet earth. Since 2013 I have been taking these photos, fascinated by how the shapes of the landscape, the fields, waterways, lakes, routes and clouds line up in a holistic order. The windows represent a threshold, a transitional corridor through which the inner world connects with the outer. Seeing or surmising places like Paris or Santiago di Compostela from the air above gives rise to their myths. Each image of a window view is supplemented by a locating sentence starting with the words »Himmel über …« (sky above …). Applied to clothing the images of the windows create a paradox, instead of a glance at the body inside they direct the gaze outwards onto the world. With this divine overview the landscape of the outside world is conceived as a whole and is equated with the observer inside. The intention of this picture series is not to celebrate a specific type of transport, but to raise an awareness for the interconnectedness of our beautiful planet and ourselves within.

Requesting the »True cost of clothes« raises the debate concerning whether we know the real value of textiles, when we pay a low market price for an average fast fashion shirt. The amount we normally pay here for a top has to be complemented with the misappropriated salaries for the textile workers in the countries of production, with the environmental damage caused by chemicals used in the textile industry, as well as with the irreplaceable resources of land and water usage for the textile production, and the cost of recycling low quality, short life garments for future generations.

Textile industries have displayed an irresponsible and disrespectful attitude towards the treasures of our planet. A fashion revolution is needed, at least a global move for transparency in stating who made your clothes and under what conditions, in order to ensure a more ethical and fairer future for all.

With the intention of making the costs of my shirts transparent I am listing all my expenses for a single piece of this series. Manufacturing (layout, cutting and sewing): 30€, silk fabric with print 30€, packaging, shipping, distribution, tax and studio cost 15€, environmental contribution (CO2 tribute) 5€

»Feed the artist« specifies the irrational and incalculable price for the artistic work. To underline this absurd attempt the serial number of the shirt serves for the extra charge for the design. So every shirt within this edition has a fix price for its production topped with an ascending price for the creative element. As this is a series of 80, the amount you pay for a silk shirt varies from 81 € to 160 €, depending upon your choice of the serial number and motif.

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